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Weight loss calculatorDiet for bodyweight loss is an individual nutrition plan aimed at reducing weight. Studies show that maximum efficiency for this purpose is provided with low-carbohydrate, low-fat and low-calorie diet. After studying a variety of diets for weight loss, scientists from the Weizmann Institute came to the conclusion that there is no universal diet, because the plan suitable for one person can worsen the figure of another individual. Therefore, having decided to lose weight by means of any specific diet, you need to strictly monitor the changes in fat mass and endocrine profile.

How to determine what weight is normal for you and how many extra pounds do you need to lose? For this purpose, a weight loss calculator is designed. Nutritionists and researchers have developed several types of such calculators. In this article, we will tell you about these calculators and instructions for using them. This information will become the basis for proper weight loss, as a result of which you will not only become slimmer, but will also preserve your health. In addition, the use of calculators will help you to enhance your weight loss motivation and set a real & achievable goal.

Weight loss percentage calculator: calculating the percentage of weight loss

Weight loss percentage calculator allows you to find out the percentage of your weight value and also compare your indicators with those of other users. This is an excellent macro tool for motivation and competition. It is known that a person can achieve more if he does it not alone, but in a team. For example, people can walk together in the gym and train harder to catch up with their partners or achieve higher results. Similarly, when using the calculator, a person sees that his counterpart has managed to lose more weight (in percentage terms). This creates additional motivation and a healthy spirit of competition for all users. You have a possibility to use the weight loss percentage calculator on our portal.

BMI weight loss calculator

To reduce your weight, avoiding the negative consequences of irrational weight loss, you must know your basal metabolism. This is the minimum amount of calories that the body uses daily for maintaining the basic physiological processes (breathing, blood circulation, digestion, etc.) in the state of rest. If you eat fewer calories than you need for your basal metabolism, various diseases of the internal organs can occur as a result of dumping excess kilograms. The rate of basal metabolism depends on age, sex and a particular person.

Using the BMI online calculator (it’s also known as weight loss calorie calculator), you can calculate your body mass index. Using this data, you can check the correspondence between your bodyweight and your height and find out if you are overweight, or, conversely, do not suffer from weight loss. To learn the mass index of your body, you need to fill in the calculator fields corresponding to the values of your height & weight.

Knowing the level of your basal metabolism, you can easily determine the norm of daily calorie consumption, both to maintain weight, and to reduce it. If you know this level, reduce the caloric content of the diet by about 20 percent (you can read about the caloric content of a particular product from the package or find this information on the Internet). This will create a caloric deficit that will allow you to lose about a pound of fat per week. You do not need to cut food calories very much, since fast fat loss can lead to serious health problems.

Weight loss calorie calculator: conclusions

With the help of the calculators described above, good motivation and positive attitude you will be able to get rid of excess pounds without using weight loss pills. These calculators will enable you to:

  • improve personal self-control;
  • find out the percentage of body weight loss;
  • correctly calculate the calorie rate that you should keep to during the day.

We warn you that the way to lose weight is very thorny. However, with every step you take, you will look at yourself in the mirror and enjoy your image. Believe us, it’s worth it, because excess weight not only worsens your appearance, but also increases the risk of various diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, etc.

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