Fat burning diet – useful recommendations from fitness guru Jay Robb!

Fat burning dietIf you are looking for a fat burning diet plan, you are on the right website. We suggest you reading the main provisions of the burn fat diet, developed by fitness guru Jay Robb. He has written many books about his technique. In this article, you can learn about Jay Robb’s basic principles completely free. So, let’s get started.

Who is Jay Robb – a developer of fat burning diet

Jay has been interested in health and fitness since childhood. At the age of seven, he joined the local swimming team and took part in various competitions. However, he often got sick and even then he vowed to find out why people got sick and how to deal with it. Jay began to train in the gym at the age of 13 and then he first tried a protein cocktail (now Jay has his own brand of sports nutrition and he himself develops sports cocktails). Then the guy enrolled in the college. Because of his studies, he had to push the sport to the background. When he was 21, his close friend died of cancer. Jay was shocked. Later he suffered reactive hypoglycemia. The doctor told him that he developed a diabetic condition. Since then, he has devoted himself to fitness, proper nutrition and the fight against diseases. And it should be noted, he succeeded in this matter. Now he has his own website, several books were written and a line of sports nutrition.


Jay Robb diet plan is designed both for men and for women. The nutritionist claims than his best fat burning diet works not by weight loss, but by increasing energy levels, which in turn leads to increased fat burning.
The researcher says that now there are many low-carbohydrate diets (for example, soup diet). Yes, such a quick weight loss program is capable of giving fast results. However, people who adhere to it will feel tired and unwell. Also, such diets are associated with some health risks. As you know, carbohydrates are the main sources for energy production in the body. If a person significantly cuts down carbohydrate intake, the body begins to spend not only fat deposits, but also muscle tissue. As a result, the person is becoming very thin and loses a lot of valuable muscles. In addition, many people return to excess weight after similar diets. What solution does Robb offer? He suggests switching between diets high in carbohydrates and diets with a low content of these nutrients. Every day a person needs to eat three meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Once a week a person can eat whatever he wants (the so-called cheat meal), but only for one hour. Why only one hour? The answer is simple, for an hour a person will not have time to eat very much and this cannot significantly influence his physical form.

The diet is based on the postulate that the body uses fat as its primary source of energy. Jay says that the alternation of low-carb and high-carbohydrate days deceives the body, so fat is consumed more intensively. It should be noted that before and after weight loss results of Robb’s nutrition program are quite impressive.

The fitness expert recommends a combination of walking and strength training for weight loss. However, he notes that the diet is the basis for achieving your goal.

Recommended food products

Recommended food productsRobb gives useful advice on the selection of useful carbohydrates. He believes that fast carbohydrates (for example, sugar, sweet drinks, pasta, etc.) are harmful to health since they can cause fatigue and sleepiness after eating. He believes that the basis of the diet should be potatoes, whole grains, bread made from whole wheat flour, fruits and vegetables. He also focuses on the use of high-quality proteins and fats, since these nutrients are essential for proper functioning of the body. He says that you need to eat protein with every meal. Because of this, you better saturate, prevent blood glucose jumps, and provide muscle tissue with amino acids necessary for recovery and growth. It should also be noted that Robb does not support the idea of fastest diet pills.
An example of menu in low-carb days:

1) breakfast – omelette with cheese;
2) lunch – a large salad with fresh vegetables, avocado and sea fish;
3) supper – veal with peanut sauce and broccoli cabbage.

An example of menu in high-carbohydrate days:

1) breakfast – a fruit salad and sweet yogurt, a toast with honey;
2) lunch – turkey with potatoes, vegetable salad;
3) dinner – whole grains of pasta, chicken, vegetables and dessert.

A pretty good diet, is not it?

Pros and cons

Advantages of the fat burning diet:

  • it is suitable for people, who like products with carbs;
  • it may be adapted for vegetarians;
  • it contains a full spectrum of necessary nutrients.

Disadvantages of the fat burning diet:

  • it requires good discipline;
  • it offers strict meal plan;
  • some people can have some difficulties with self-control after a cheat meal.