Weight loss apps – the way to motivate yourself and achieve good results!

weight loss appsThe key principle for losing weight is simple – you should consume less calories than your body needs for everyday activity. It would seem that there is nothing supernatural, but this is the major problem for individuals who choose the hard way of losing weight. To facilitate them, the developers of mobile software have created a huge number of weight loss apps for devices on Android and iOS. In this article, we will talk about a few best weight loss apps that will help you achieve your goal. Some of them are free, and some can be acquired for a small amount of money.

One of the best weight loss apps: Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter from MyFitnessPal contains a daily replenished base for several millions of food products. This good app shows the nutritional content of food products, that is their protein, fat, carbohydrate, sugar, dietary fibre, & cholesterol values. It’s equipped with a barcode scan tool for easy searching of products in the database, that is, if you buy a product, you can scan it and get all the needed info. Also, fast & convenient input of data on food products is provided. The application notes your favorite products (dishes), and also allows you to add several dishes simultaneously, save & add meal solutions and more.

weight loss appCalorie Counter is fully synchronized with MyFitnessPal website. You have a possibility to fill in the app diary both from the PC and from the mobile device, in other words, in any place and at any moment. More importantly, all your personal information is stored on the web servers, so you’ll never lose important data about your progress. Other features of the program are as follows:

1) The possibility of joint weight loss: you can monitor your attainments and share your history with other users.
2) Creating your own dishes and cocktails (for example, weight loss shakes), statistics on their basic nutrients, a nutritional content calculator supporting both metric system and the English system of measurement.
3) Statistical data on cardio & resistance exercising, including the quantity of sets & reps, as well as used weight.

My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach is one of the best weight control apps developed by InspiredApps LTD and designed for women. In this application, you’ll find motivational tips, recommendations, photos and citations, control over the performance of tasks, virtual promotions for achievements, reminders. The program helps to choose a proper meal plan and strictly follow it with different reminders (drink water, weigh, prepare healthy food, write down all data about the eaten food in the diary). In addition, the program monitors the performance of tasks to maintain a healthy style of life. The person sets a goal, and the program tracks and supports its implementation with prompts and reminders (for example, “go to the health club!”, “running!”, “walking”, “doing exercises at home”, “take fat loss supplements”, etc.) provides a reward system in case of proper performance of tasks.
The application may be downloaded for free. Then, if you want, you can update the free variant to the paid variant called My Diet Coach Pro. This version contains many additional useful things:
1) meal planner tool (calorie counter and loss calorie calculator, calculator of body mass index and other useful things);
2) diet tracker (accounting for all meals and exercise during the day, control of calories eaten);
3) weight control assistant (controlling the progression of weight reduction, viewing the schedule of bodyweight loss).


Lifesum is one of weight loss apps, created by the Swedish developer under the same name. This app will help you in creating a health profile & formulating the key purpose. It provides diet control with an integrated barcode reader or search tool. The database of the app includes millions of food products with full nutritional information. The application can also remember which products or weight loss pills a user has consumed, simplifying weight control.

A user may track his / her activity (walking, doing sports, etc.) by choosing the type & duration of the training sessions. The program can also be connected to mobile apps for monitoring physical activity, such as Runkeeper. Special tool included in Lifesum app makes the results of the work more vivid, exposing the daily evaluation of your efforts. For example, if the special circle is green colored, your day, according to the mobile program, has been lived healthily and properly.


The Pact is a free application that keeps a user on track to work out, consume more veggies (for example, if he/she is on Thrive weight loss diet) or log consumed food products by putting some money on the line. A user chooses how much money to put on a pact that he/she makes. If you perform the promised tasks, you’ll earn money – from 0.3 to 5 dollars per week. A great application, isn’t it?