Essential oils for weight loss – TOP 6 aroma products that will help you!

Essential oils for weight lossThose who want to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle are increasingly turning to aromatherapy. Today, one can observe a tendency to prefer complex methods that allow not only for losing excess pounds and normalizing weight, but also for switching to rational nutrition, improving one’s lifestyle and health and solving psychological problems. This trend includes the spectrum of weight loss program, which doesn’t require hard starvation any longer, but involves resorting to additional methods that affect the metabolism and stimulate the overall improvement of the body. Such methods include the use of diet tea and essential oils for weight loss. In this article, we will talk about essential (aroma) oils.

Essential oils for weight loss: health benefits and types

Essential oils are made from many plants (fruits, flowers) and their health benefits depend on the particular source. What essential oils are good for weight loss? They are, in particular:

  • lemon oil;
  • grapefruit oil;
  • cinnamon oil;
  • fennel oil;
  • ginger oil.

It should be noted that fish oil for weight loss does not belong to essential oils. This product contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are called Omega 3. They are necessary for normal body functioning, and also promote fat burning.


Lemon oil is a natural ester obtained by cold pressing of lemon zest. This aroma oil is an excellent natural adaptogen helping people to adjust to climatic and social changes. Bright, bitter, but such invigorating scent of lemon encourages creativity and increased activity (which contributes to weight loss). Lemon oil restores a positive attitude, helps to get out of stressful and depressive conditions, as well as promotes active life changes due to increased concentration and restoration of mental strength. Experts advise taking 2 drops of lemon oil (with water) in the morning during the fat burning diet.


Essential oils for weight loss 2It is believed that grapefruit belongs to the foods that burn fat. Essential grapefruit oil has the same fat burning mechanisms as the fruit itself. It is also used for treating depression, disorders of the lymphatic system and digestion, congestion in the gallbladder and liver, impaired microcirculation and frequent colds. As an antidepressant and tonic, grapefruit essential oil promotes psychological emancipation, helps calm nerves, fights well with morning depressions, filling people with an interest in life and even leading to a state of some euphoria.


The fragrant bark of the mysterious tree from genus Cinnamomum – Ceylon cinnamon – has been known since ancient times as one of the main spices actively used in cooking. A warm, bitter, spicy and at the same time inexpressibly sweet aroma is fully inherent in cinnamon essential oil. However, cinnamon oil is quite aggressive, undiluted it can lead to burns and irritation, being the most powerful allergen of all the esters. Use a few drops of oil with water before eating. Experts say that it improves metabolism.


Peppermint is a delicious, soothing aroma of mint, accompanied by a light chill. The fresh greenery of this wonderful plant is so often used in cooking, that people have already begun to forget about mint as a medicinal plant. Meanwhile, it is one of the most effective soothing and relaxing remedies, which has a tonic and refreshing effect. Peppermint essential oil is obtained from fresh leaves or petals, by steam distillation, while using almost the entire aboveground part of plants. Externally, the mint oil is slightly yellowish or light green, and liquid. The aroma of mint is very bright: fresh and invigorating, it is both sharp and thin, combining cold notes of mint smell with warm hints of camphor.
How to use it? Experts recommend placing 2 drops of the oil under the tongue.


Fennel is one of the most unusual inhabitants of supermarkets. Juicy, fresh heads of this amazing plant are actively used for cooking salads and side dishes. Deliciously fragrant greens with notes are used as a spicy additive. Aroma oil from juicy stems, delicate leaves and numerous fennel seeds, which are processed together with dill-like umbrellas of inflorescences, are obtained by steam distillation, like most essential oils of vegetable origin.
Fennel oil is almost colorless with a possible variation of light yellow color. It is perfectly preserved, without changing its healing properties for several years. It is proved that it suppresses the appetite, contributing to weight loss.


The refreshing and tonic flavor of ginger is probably familiar to every person. From this plant, they make spicy oriental seasonings and an invigorating summer drink. A unique plant is known as medicinal since the time of ancient civilizations. Ginger as an effective tonic and aphrodisiac was most actively used in southeast Asia, considering it a universal healer normalizing digestion, which helps to remove fluid from the body. Also ginger is the source for incredible essential oils for weight loss. It normalizes blood sugar and improves metabolism. You can use it in capsules or as a flavoring in cooking.