Thrive weight loss – the whole truth about skin patch and special diet!

Thrive weight loss“Thrive weight loss” is a commonly searched term on the Internet. Google shows around 3 million results for this request. However, some people can’t understand what it means. Indeed, this term has at least two aspects: skin patch and special weight loss vegan diet. In this article, we’ll tell you about them in detail.

Thrive weight loss: skin patch

Thrive Patch is a special slimming product that is applied to the skin. It is produced by the American company Le Vel, which is based in the USA. The effect of the product is based on the fact that its fat-burning components allegedly penetrate the skin and promote the acceleration of metabolism and consequently weight loss. It includes, in particular:

  • extract of green coffee;
  • Garcinia Cambodia;
  • extract of green tea;
  • coenzyme Q10;
  • willow bark;
  • ForsLean (a substance obtained from coleus forskhloii plant);
  • cosmoperine ( a special substance that delivers the patch components into the bloodstream through the skin);
  • saffron extract, and some other components.

The manufacturer of the product claims that the patch will help you burn belly fat as well as fat throughout the body, and it is better that classic fat loss pills. The patch needs to be put on your shoulder and be worn during the whole day. The product has been sold since 2014, it can be bought on the Amazon website. People who examined this product found several positive Thrive weight loss reviews, but it turned out that a lot of customers complained about poor support from Le Vel. In addition, some patients wrote in their reviews that the product is ineffective. So, let’s try to get a deeper insight into this issue.

Thrive weight loss reviews – patch really effective

There is some evidence that cosmoperine is able to pass through the skin. This property of the substance was established during experiments on rats. Perhaps it can work the same way on the human skin. Most likely, it is so, since the manufacturer received an American patent for cosmoperine.

There is some evidence that cosmoperine is able to improve the penetration of ForsLean (coleus forskhloii extract) into the skin of animals and possibly humans. However, the high efficiency of ForsLean (which is one of the main ingredients of the patch) raises some doubts. According to research conducted by the group of American scientists in 2005, individuals taking coleus forskhloii pills tended to report less fatigue, and hunger. The results of the research showed that the substance did not enhance weight loss but could help mitigate body weight gain in overweight individuals with no clinically significant adverse effects.

There is no research proving that cosmoperine enhances the absorption of other components of the patch, other than coleus forskhloii) Thus, the effectiveness of this remedy remains questionable. Therefore, it is better to wait until clinical studies on this issue appear.

So, probably the product can work like diet pills, but now there is no available clear clinical evidence for it. It should be noted that with the help of our website you could know more about best fat burning pills. Also, we can help you to choose good weight loss apps. Read appropriate articles!


Thrive weight loss diet is a program based on veganism principles. This diet provides for the removal of all animal-based and processed foods from your diet. It was designed by triathlonist Brendan Brazier, who believes that such a diet contributes to improving sports performance and clarity of mind. The basis of the diet should be leafy vegetables. They can be eaten simply raw or as part of smoothies. In addition, you can eat other vegetables and fruits, as well as legumes. As for drinks, you can drink green tea, but coffee is prohibited. Milk products, meat and other products of animal origin are also not allowed. You cannot eat refined carbohydrates, so you need to look for heavy carbohydrate substitutes for bread, pasta and sweets. The diet is designed for 12 weeks and should be accompanied by physical training.


If you are already a vegan, then this diet will not give you anything new, since, in fact, it is an option of veganism. For non-vegans, this diet can be too difficult. In addition, it should be noted that the developer of this diet has no education in the field of nutrition. Moreover, this diet was not the subject of scientific research. Therefore, you can try using it for a short period of time, however, we do not recommend it for a long-term use, especially for people who suffer from digestive tract diseases. And of course, before you start keeping to any diet you need to consult your doctor.