Weight loss tea: scientifically proven method that will help you burn fat!

Weight loss teaGreen tea produced from leaves and leaf buds of an evergreen plant Camellia sinensis is a favorite product of active people engaged in fitness, as it contributes to weight loss, according to many researchers. Also, people who are obese eat tea. Natural chemical substances, called catechins are contained in large quantities in green tea. Experiments on animals and humans have shown that these organic substances from the flavonoid group strengthen the fat burning process and stimulate thermogenesis – the process of burning calories, which occurs as a result of digestion and assimilation of food.

Scientific data

In 2001, Japanese scientists reported that catechins from extract tea (600 mg per day) taken as part of a standard diet (not fat loss diet) for 12 weeks, promoted weight loss, decreased body mass index (BMI) and waist size among the men who participated in the experiment.

To understand the mechanisms of how catechins act and what is happening in the body, these scientists conducted another study devoted to the effect of tea catechins on energy and fat metabolism in rats. Rats were given tea pills containing a large amount of catechins and a minimum amount of caffeine. The results of the experiment showed that tea catechins inhibited the development of obesity in rats fed high-fat food. Since there was a small amount of caffeine in the extract of green tea, this action was attributed mainly to tea catechins, not to caffeine. According to the received data, this effect can be partially explained by stimulation of fat metabolism in the liver, and long-term use of weight loss tea can reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat.

In most studies, the effects of green tea have been examined. In some studies, scientists researched oolong tea and white tea. Therefore, at the moment, these three types of tea should be of interest to you.

Antioxidant effect

Green tea contains Antioxidants – chemical compounds that prevent oxidation in cells by chemically blocking oxidative reactions caused by so-called free radicals, molecules that “snatch” electrons from the body tissues. An excess amount of free radicals leads to cell destruction, mutations, and chronic diseases. Antioxidants act as purifiers from radicals, neutralizing free radicals. Therefore, radicals can no longer have a negative effect on the body. Another antioxidant is coconut. This feature of coconut was discovered by scientists relatively recently (Yeap Sk, 2015). To enhance the antioxidant effect of tea, you can take it along with coconut weight loss products.

Use weight loss tea and forget about your problems

From a scientific point of view, it is not yet known exactly how much green tea weight loss should be consumed. In a scientific experiment conducted in 1999 in Maryland, this amount was 1.5 liters of tea per day during the 4-day term. A later study by Japanese scientists revealed successful results with the use of 590 ml of tea per day for 12 weeks.

In order to lose weight, it is recommended to drink green tea 3-6 times a day (about one liter) without sugar and sugar replacers. It is also important to adhere to several rules: reduce the consumption of fatty foods, not to eat at night, exercise. It’s better to consume green tea chilled, because the body spends extra calories to heat the drink. To enhance the effect, you can replace some meals with a cup of green tea. This drink will be an excellent addition to healthy weight loss shakes and weight loss pills.

Numerous studies show that prolonged intake of green tea has an extremely positive effect on general health. Develop in yourself a habit of regularly drinking this drink, if your goal is losing bodyweight. In addition, you can buy special tea pills. The main difference between a drink and tablets is the dose. As a rule, you get a much more active agent from the tablets containing tea extract.

The best green tea for weight loss – take one

How to choose the best green tea for weight loss? Give preference only to proven brands and proven suppliers and you will obtain really the best tea. The product you choose should be properly packaged and have a pleasant tea flavor. Each type of tea has its own smell. Green tea has an herbal or bitter odor. The herbaceous or floral aroma of the dry white tea is unique, it has special notes that you can find only in this type of tea.