Metformin weight loss: diabetic drug is much more effective against obesity!

MetforminMetformin weight loss is a pill that is prescribed for type 2 diabetes. However, women and men who are trying to lose weight often do not like the result of taking specialized medicaments. And then they start using different drugs in the fight against excess kilograms. Therefore, metformin weight loss has been since recent times. In this article, we will consider the features of the use of metformin for body weight loss.

Metformin and weight loss – they are related

As already noted, Metformin drug is developed to help diabetics fight their disease. Its main active substance reduces the level of sugar in the blood. The “side effect” of the substance is the burning of fatty deposits. Therefore, these diet pills are popular among people with excessive body weight (by the way, among diabetics themselves, this condition is fairly common). So, here are the advantages of the drug, which helps to cope with excess weight:

  1. restoration of impaired lipid metabolism;
  2. slowing down the decomposition of carbohydrates and, accordingly, the process of their transformation into fat cells;
  3. regulation of glucose and harmful cholesterol in the blood;
  4. natural suppression of appetite (in particular, reduction of craving for sweet) due to the normalization of insulin production.

As you can see, you can combine using Metformin and weight loss plan.

Instructions for use

The first thing you will have to face is adjusting your diet and daily routine. Diet when taking Glucophage is not desirable, but mandatory. Success stories suggest that without adjusting the diet plan achieving the desired results is impossible.

Here is the list of conditions that Metformin diet should meet:

  • Metformin weight lossminimizing the use of those foods that increase blood glucose levels;
  • avoiding fast carbohydrates (according to reviews, even a small bun can worsen the effect of taking tablets);
  • enrichment of the diet with products rich in fiber (legumes, whole meal products, vegetables);
  • minimizing the intake of saturated animal fats while giving preference to vegetable fats (for example, coconut oil weight loss is a good choice).

Choose for yourself a balanced low-calorie diet (for example, 1500-1800 calories per day) and stick to this menu. At the same time, you should increase physical activity.

Metformin is available in tablets of 500, 850 and 1000 mg. In order to lose weight, patients usually take Metformin 500 mg an hour before meals three times a day. The duration of the course is about 20 days. After that, it is recommended to make a two-month break. Do not exceed the recommended Metformin dosage.

Contraindications and side effects

If you do not violate the instructions for use, Metformin should not have a negative impact on health. This was confirmed in the course of repeated medical research. Nevertheless, contraindications to applying Metformin exist. It would be very unreasonable not to take them into account. Here is their list:

  • diabetes of the first type;
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding;
  • postsurgical and post-traumatic periods;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system, for example, acute decompensated heart failure;
  • renal failure and other kidney diseases;
  • alcoholism.

The adverse effects that sometimes accompany using the medicament are similar in many respects to the classic symptoms of food poisoning. They are a headache, nausea, vomiting, gas formation increased, diarrhea, lactic acidosis (excessive accumulation of lactic acid in the body), body temperature rise, intestinal colic and strong weakness. As a rule, these side events occur at the beginning of the treatment course and are associated either with an overdose of the drug, or with inefficient nutrition (the overabundance of carbohydrate foods in the menu). If the above-mentioned health disorders are observed reduce the dosage of the medicament twice. If there is no improvement, contact your healthcare professional immediately.

Doctor can prescribe this drug

The medicament is approved by the US FDA only for curing diabetes. Healthcare professionals often prescribe it to people having diabetes or pre-diabetes condition combined with obesity or excess weight. However, some doctors prescribe metformin weight loss in combination with other weight loss supplements even if you don’t suffer from diabetes. This can have a good effect, especially if other methods of dealing with the problem (for example, best weight loss surgery) have been unsuccessful.