Weight loss shakes – good & tasty supplements for your slimming program!

Diet shakesWeight loss shakes are the best solution for those who want to lose excess pounds with the least effort as fast as possible. This issue is on the top of your mind in the springtime, when you want to lose some weight to impress others with your beautiful slim body covered with light clothes, and in the summer when you need to have an impeccable figure for wearing a bikini to sunbathe on the beach. The key to your compelling success is in diet shakes that are often the elements of weight loss tips for women & men.

Advantages and disadvantages

Specialists insist on the necessity to follow a balanced diet, eat fruit, vegetable, cereals instead of consuming fat and starchy food to lose weight and become healthier. However, this approach doesn’t suit some people. That is why liquid meal presented by diet shake form is the best alternative for fast and effective weight loss. Besides, people can add fruit and vegetables, as indispensable components of the balanced diet, to their shakes.

Australian scientists also confirm the effectiveness of diet shakes. Based on the conducted research they state that this meal replacement provides a faster and tastier process of losing weight compared to the traditional diet.

Other experts find the counterarguments and say that wholesome nutrition is much better for women & men than meal replacement which doesn’t contain all necessary elements and vitamins our body needs. Thus, adequate nutrition means a great diversity of different foods. Nevertheless, people who follow the shake diet find it more convenient, as this method of nutrition doesn’t require thorough food consuming planning.

It is evident that using different kinds of diet shakes works effectively along with doing some sports and eating food with fewer calories. If you want to get results from using diet shakes or other beverages that replace a meal, you have to determine how much calories you have to consume every single day to lose weight and eat no more that this number. Doing exercises at the gym or at home will help you to achieve the expected results.

Protein shakes vs Weight loss shakes

Meal replacement weight loss shakes differ from protein shakes. The main distinction, which people who want to lose weight with the use of such diet should recognize, is that these two types of shakes have different calorie content.

Meal replacement (MRP) shakes as well as other food replacements, including soups, bars, puddings etc. are aimed at replacing several of your daily meals. This type of shakes is created to promote your weight loss and burn belly fat, as well as maintain the normal weight after achieving the desired effect.

Meal replacement shakes contain lots of essential low-calorie nutrients and a small amount of carbohydrates. A standard MRP shake comprises carbohydrates and enough protein featuring calorific value from 200 to 400 calories.

Protein shakes for weight loss are not considered a meal replacement because they are very low in calories and fat. They can be a healthy addition to your food and the essential part of your diet but they cannot replace the food at all.

The Use and the recipes

The main protein shakes’ ingredients are protein powder mixed with water and other components. If you have limited access to quality high-protein food, protein shakes will be definitely the best addition to your diet.

As you know, weight loss leads to losing muscles and slowing down the metabolism. High protein cocktails along with regular training help to prevent these undesirable processes. Here are some recipes for preparing homemade protein shakes for weight loss:

Almond shake. Take 30g of protein, shredded coconut, sliced almonds, and almond milk. Shake the components and enjoy!

Banana shake. Mix protein (for example, EAS protein), banana, and pineapple slices. You will get a wonderful hybrid of shake and smoothie.

Coffee shake. Mix vanilla protein, almond milk, and a bit of ground coffee. It’s a god shake for coffee lovers!

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