Fat burning pills – the whole truth about these dietary supplements!

Fat burning pillsIf you have decided to lose excess weight, you might find a lot of fat burning pills. It should be noted right now that fat burn pills are intended for people who are engaged in sports and want to reduce the fat content in the body. The effect of fat burners is realized during training, provided that the diet is observed. If the consumption of fat burners is not combined with training and proper nutrition, the effect will be much weaker, so people who lead a sedentary lifestyle with nutritional deficiencies should not use them. Thus, even top rated diet pills work only if they are combined with a proper diet and exercise program. In this article, we will talk about the types of fat burners and 5 important facts about these remedies.

Fat burning pills (fat burners) – main types

I. Thermogenics

    1. – substances that increase the energy consumption of the body, increase physical activity, and suppress appetite. Such substances as caffeine and ephedrine are considered as thermogenics. It should be noted that ephedrine is illegal in the USA.

II. Lipotropics

    1. – substances that increase the rate of metabolic processes, during which fats are processed. This leads to fat burning processes activation. Choline, inositol, and methionine are known lipotropic substances. They promote the export of fatty acids from the liver.

III. Suppressors of appetite

    1. – most often these are thermogenics, however, there are selective blockers of appetite.

IV. Diuretics

    – they do not affect the fat content, and weight loss occurs due to the temporary removal of fluid.

Also on the market, there are blockers of calories or nutrients. They have an effect even if they are not combined with diet and exercise, but they may be harmful for health. There are two types of such drugs:

1. blockers of carbohydrates:

    – which interfere with the absorption of carbohydrates from the digestive tract;

2. blockers of fats which prevent the absorption of fats from the digestive tract.

In addition, there are prescription best fat burning pills that provide other mechanisms of action. For example, Metformin diet includes the use of Metformin drug, which lowers the concentration of glucose in the blood by inhibiting the formation of glucose in the liver.
As you understand, these supplements are cardinally different in properties, the presence of side effects and the mode of administration. Many of them are not very useful for health, others, on the contrary, strengthen it. Consider some truthful facts about these anti-fat pills that work.

Fat burning pills account for only 20% of success

One of the significant mistakes during weight loss is that people think that they can just take fat-burning supplements (like GNC pills) and everything will happen by itself. This is completely wrong. Fat-burning tablets guarantee only 20% success. The remaining 80 percent depends on how you train and what you eat.
Fat burners enhance loss of fat, but they can do this only if you stick to the right diet. Tablets work in different ways. They can increase energy, increase metabolism, depress appetite, etc. However, if you take pills and then eat burgers, cupcakes, bagels, pizzas and other similar foods, even the best weight loss program won’t help you. Therefore, diet + training + fat burning pills is a response to your question “how to burn belly fat?”

Be realistic when using fat burning pills

using fat burning pillsYou need to be realistic in expectation of effects after taking fat-burning tablets. Some people believe that if they start taking pills they will lose a ton of pounds in a week. But this will not happen.
The pace of fat loss is likely to be accelerated but you cannot lose 10-15 pounds of fat per week. Natural and safe bodyweight loss rate for most people is 1-3 pounds per week. You can raise this figure to 4 pounds, but soon you will reach the plateau and your results will go down.
If you lose your weight very quickly, your body burns not only fat but also muscle, as it experiences nutritional deficiencies. As a result, catabolic processes are activated and the muscle tissue begins to disintegrate. It’s unlikely you want to look like a clothes hanger at the end of fat burning diet for men or women. Therefore, choose a bodyweight loss program more reasonably.

More doesn’t mean better

Fat burners should be taken in certain dosages indicated by the producer. Sometimes the dosage for men may differ from the dosage for women. Many fat burners cannot be used during pregnancy and lactation.
If you consume larger doses than recommended by the manufacturer and the doctor, this does not mean that you will get better results. Moreover, overdose of fat burners can cause certain side effects.

Don’t abuse products with caffeine

If you like coffee and drink 2-3 cups or more of this excellent drink throughout the day, you need to monitor the intake of fat-burning additives containing caffeine. Most fat burners contain caffeine or a similar substance that stimulates the central nervous system. It may be difficult for you to find pills without caffeine and similar substances.
You may like the level of energy that gives increased doses of caffeine, but you can quickly overtired and literally burn. As a result, your recovery process after training will slow down and fat burning rates will drop.
What is the solution to this situation? You can drink decaffeinated coffee during the period of consuming fat-burning tablets.

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