Coconut weight loss – a delicious tropical delicacy for fighting obesity!

Coconut weight lossCoconut is a fruit obtained from the tree of Cocos nuciferea (tropical palm). This is the main food product in the Filipino, Polynesian and Malaysian cultures. People of these cultures usually use coconut in non-traditional medicine. Coconut water, milk and oil (found in the flesh of the fruit) are the most popular components of the coconut. They are used more and more often as dietary supplements. Coconut fruit isn’t a nut as it is commonly believed: it is a drupe in botanical terms.
Coconut does not belong to fat burning foods, however, it has many effects that can contribute to weight loss. It is often included in weight loss plans for men and women. In this article, we will tell you about coconut weight loss: health benefits of the coconut, tips on how to use it, etc.

Key features

First of all, coconut is valued for its healthy oil. It is significantly different from other types of fats in the diet of a modern man. Most other products contain long-chain triglycerides, whereas coconut is rich in medium-chain ones. Such triglycerides are a unique type of fat that has many beneficial effects. Due to the peculiarities of the molecule structure, these fats are metabolized much faster than typical ones. They are practically not deposited in tissues. Consequently, the body immediately uses them as a source of energy. In addition, studies have shown that triglycerides with an average chain length increase the level of growth hormone, creating an anabolic environment. Therefore, in the market of dietary and sports nutrition, you can buy coconut oil pills.

One of the important effects of coconut oil is that it has a thermogenic effect. If you eat coconut oil weight loss, you will increase your energy consumption compared to the same number of calories from other fats. Results of one of the scientific studies have shown that the use of medium chain triglycerides leads to an increase in daily energy consumption by 5%.

Use in sport

Coconut weight loss use in sportIt is believed that coconut water can completely replace the use of other liquids, prevent dehydration and limit the decline in physical performance that occurs as a result of dehydration. Coconut milk, butter and to some extent water contain powerful antioxidants and support the healthy functioning of the immune system. These features can help athletes in regulating the training load, which, if not properly controlled, can greatly weaken the immune system, and can also help reduce inflammation, muscle damage, or trauma. Medium chain triglycerides that are absorbed directly into the blood can be rapidly oxidized as a fuel source during exercise, allowing athletes to conserve the glycogen stored in their muscles more economically, and thus increase productivity. Some scientists believe that medium-chain triglycerides can increase metabolic rate, help in weight loss and improve body structure.

How to use?

How to eat coconut to burn fat? In studies focused on losing excess weight, 30 ml (2 tablespoons) of coconut oil per day were used. Also, you can eat the pulp of coconut or make some delicious drink from it, for example, coconut smoothie. We offer you a recipe for one of such smoothies:

  1. Take a fresh coconut, open it.
  2. Separate the pulp from the shell, cut off the hard brown shell with a knife.
  3. Grate the white flesh on the grater.
  4. Put the coconut chips into hot water, mix thoroughly and let it brew for about half an hour.
  5. Then strain coconut milk and squeeze well through gauze.
  6. Put coconut milk, coconut chips, oat flakes, banana and honey into the blender. Whisk the drink. If you want to get a low-calorie drink, then do not add honey or bananas to the smoothie.

Recommendations for the use of coconut water as a replacement for liquids are similar to those for other drinks: 4-8 ounces (0.12-0.24L) every 15 minutes during training.

Although coconut contains a lot of saturated fats, coconut milk and oil do not adversely affect blood cholesterol rate. Therefore, the use of these drupes is safe. You can combine the use of coconut with weight loss tea and other products to reduce weight.

Logically, if you decide to eat coconut for weight loss, you may have a question: how much cost the coconut? This is a very inexpensive fruit, especially if you live in the region with a tropical climate.

Another way to use this fruit is coconut oil pulling. With this product, you can detoxify your oral cavity, since the coconut has powerful antimicrobial and antifungal effects.

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