Burn belly fat by cutting carbs, doing sports and eating a lot of fiber!

Burn belly fat by cutting carbsIt can be surprising, but a person with excess pounds doesn’t mean unhealthy on all occasions, as there are many people whose obesity doesn’t prevent them from being completely healthy.
On the opposite, a lot of people with normal weight rate have problems with the metabolic process, which as a rule is more common for obese people. It can be explained by the fact that under-skin fat doesn’t cause such a big problem to our state of health. However, it is considered to be a huge cosmetic problem. Anyway, what really damages our health is fat in the abdominal cavity and the belly fat.

That is why, as soon as you notice much excess fat on your waistline zone, without wasting a single minute do something to burn belly fat if you appreciate your health. In this article, we are going to inform you how to burn belly fat.

Best way to burn belly fat – cut off the amount of sugar and sweetened beverages

The process of losing weight is directly related to changes in the level of sugar in the blood. If you want to lose weight and maintain the body in good shape, it is worth understanding why the blood sugar is rising and lowering, and how its fluctuations affect the size of your waistline. After getting into the small intestine, food carbohydrates split with the formation of glucose. Glucose is rapidly absorbed into the blood and circulates throughout the body. Excess glucose is stored “just in case” in the form of glycogen in the liver and muscles.

Best way to burn belly fatThe glucose that has entered the bloodstream maintains vital activity, it gives energy to those cells that are busy with important work – the brain, the heart, the cortex of the adrenal glands. The concentration of glucose molecules in the blood is commonly called “sugar level”. When you eat foods with a high glycemic index, and these are, first of all, carbohydrates, you thereby increase the blood glucose level by the fastest way, and hence the content of insulin hormone. Insulin, in addition to helping to store fats from food, also inhibits the splitting of your own “accumulations” (which you observe on the hips and abdomen).

Most of all insulin is synthesized when you eat sweet. Therefore, until you give up sugar – in pure form or in the composition of other foods, (primarily sugar-sweetened beverages) –your losing weight process will be very difficult. And even “most effective diet pills” won’t help you.

Eat lots of protein

It’s worth noting that protein is the most valuable element, which will help you to lose extra weight. Food rich in protein is very filling, which is an important aspect in achieving your weight loss goal. Protein features thermogenic effect. Approximately 30 % of energy received from this nutrient is spent on digesting and applying by the body. For comparison, carbohydrates need only from 5 to 10 % of energy and fat – from 0 to 3 %. The effectiveness of protein in a fight with belly fat is confirmed. A recently conducted research suggests that if a person consumes enough protein the amount of belly fat (as well as body fat) is rapidly decreasing.

One more study carried out in Denmark also shows that over the period of 5 years protein influenced significantly the reduction of belly fat risk. Protein is especially effective when combined with intensive workouts. You may ask how to enhance the protein level in your daily ration. For this purpose, eat meat, fish, nuts, dairy products. You can also buy best supplements containing protein.

Minimize carbohydrates consumption

Minimize carbohydrates consumptionThe restriction of food containing carbohydrates is an efficient way of losing weight, which is proved by various researches. When we eat as few carbohydrates as possible our appetite is getting down. Therefore, we lose weight.
If you have decided to become slimmer and burn quick your fat, minimize your carb consumption to at least 50 grams a day. With the help of this your body will start burning belly fat.

However, it is not necessary to completely exclude carbohydrates from the diet. This substance is extremely important for the body functioning. Its complete elimination can lead to health problems and low energy levels.

Eat a lot of fiber

Dietary fiber should be included in any of the best fat burning diets. Fiber refers to nutrients that, like water and mineral salts, do not provide the body with energy, but play a huge role in its life. Diet fiber, which is found mainly in plant foods with low or very low sugar content, is usually combined with other nutrients. It should be noted that fiber slows down the absorption of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which can be useful in losing weight, and undesirable for gaining it.

Abundant fiber consuming is very efficient in weight loss process both for men and for women. However, you should remember, that different types of fiber influence our weight loss differently. The main source of fiber is plant food, in particular fruits, vegetables, cereals, for example, oats. They are amazing foods that burn belly fat. They are not only very wholesome, but also tasty.

Doing sports

It is obvious that exercises are irreplaceable and very efficient components of weight loss process. Although, sport is not the single best way to burn belly fat. There are no doubts that benefits from exercises are amazing. However, they are rather poor in belly fat reducing. You shouldn’t think that sport is useless. Exercises in a gym, running, bicycling and other activities help to increase calorie consumption and burn fat throughout the body.


We keep saying that it’s impossible to burn fat overnight. This requires certain efforts, a diet and a healthy lifestyle. We hope that this article has been interesting to you. On this website, you can also read about metformin and weight loss, various home remedies (for example, essential oils), etc.