Before and after weight loss & gain: American celebrities can prove!

Before and after weight loss & gainLooking at celebrities shown on before and after weight loss pictures in magazines, we perceive them almost ideal. However, they are just ordinary people, like all of us. They give birth to children, they love to eat, have a good meal, worry about this and try to lose weight. In this article, we will talk about the famous American celebs, namely, their weight loss before and after, and about those celebrities who had to gain weight for the sake of featuring in films.

Jennifer Hudson

The wonderful transformation of Jennifer Hudson became one of the main topics for discussion several years ago. The owner of the Grammy and Oscar awards began to lose weight in 2009, after giving birth. She decided to do this for the sake of featuring in the film “Winnie Mandela” (Hudson was given the role of Nelson Mandela’s wife). With this motivation, the result was achieved in a few months – Jennifer dropped 10 dress sizes. What’s interesting is that within 1 month weight loss, Jennifer actually gained weight. But then she radically changed the diet and got a delightful result.

Paris Hilton

The most famous celebrity blogger Perez Hilton followed the lead of those stars, whose personal life is in the full glare of publicity. He built grandiose weight loss plans and took care of himself, having lost some 70 pounds in 3 years. Perez started with 30-minute daily walking, and eventually switched to a training mode including exercising 7 days a week. In addition, the blogger has launched a website and a Youtube blog called FitPerez on which he talks about fitness and star diets.

Kelly Osbourne

Before and after weight lossKelly was rather a plump girl from childhood and suffered from a tendency to overweight. But in 2010 she took part in the TV show “Dancing with the Stars”, and everything changed. Previously, Kelly never went in for sports, so the debilitating workouts became a powerful push to active weight loss. After the show, she continued to be actively engage in sports, follow a diet and use the best weight loss apps. Now she carefully observes the regime which helps her to maintain an excellent figure. She willingly shares her secrets of nutrition and training and is seen on the covers of sports magazines. Overall, Kelly has dropped about 70 pounds. A good example for weight loss before and after!

Donald Trump

During the presidential campaign of 2016, the current US president, Donald Trump, lost a few pounds. His 15 lb weight loss was due to the fact that Trump simply did not have time to eat normally. His diet can hardly be called normal and healthy, as a charismatic politician often eats sweets, chips and other snacks.

Brooke Shields

Recently, Brooke Shields, model & actress has lost 30 pounds for a 2 month weight loss period. She used a meal plan developed by her personal dietician, drank a plenty of water, and limited salt in meals. She had meals 4 times a day. Her diet consisted of whole grains, dietary cookies, fruit juices, chicken and other low-calorie products. The main principle of this diet (like many other diets) was caloric restriction while maintaining a nutritional balance.

Weight loss before and after: sometimes, the other way around

Sometimes actors have to put on and not lose weight for the role in the film. Here are some of these actors:

Charlize Theron. For the role in the movie “Monster” (2003), Charlize Theron had to gain weight – for a short time, eating donuts and other unhealthy food the actress put on 33 pounds and looked almost unrecognizable. However, before the premiere of the film Theron started to radically lose weight – and just in time, because a few months later Charlize was awarded the “Golden Globe” in the nomination “Best Actress” for “Monster”. She hasn’t used any fat loss pills.

Jared Leto. Another professional extra-class, ready for the sake of movies for any endeavor – Jared Leto, who for the role of the murderer of John Lennon in the movie gained record 67 pounds. Because of such a rapid change in weight, Leto started to have health problems, and it took him almost a year to get back to his previous weight. After that, Jared vowed never to get stout again – even for the sake of the role in the movie. However, later he had to lose weight for the role in the movie “Dallas Buyers Club”. The actor reports about 40 lb weight loss. If we calculate weight loss of Jared, we will find out that the extreme difference between the stoutest Jared and the slimmest Jared is about 100 pounds.

Renee Zellweger. Renee Zellweger was remembered by many movie fans in the role of a lovely roly-poly woman Bridget Jones, who was looking for love. When preparing for the first part of the “Bridget Jones Diary,” Zellweger, as she said, simply did not deny herself fast food. “Diet” badly affected the health of the actress, and in order to gain weight for the second part of the comedy, she hired a nutritionist. It is worth noting that after the shooting of the film Zellweger repeatedly stated in her interviews that she was very frightened of the effect that constant weight changes had on her body.